Designer Jana Vyborna-Turunen graduated from The University of Applied Arts, Department of Clothes and Textile Arts in Helsinki in 2003. After that she worked with handmade paper and recycle materials creating tree dimensional objects, which she presented in private and joint exhibitions. In present she is working on historical techniques of photography, which she applies to textiles.

Besides that she creates cloth collections under name MANIFESTO. The designer Jana Vyborna-Turunen works on very personal level, always with idea, story or philosophy behind. It may be critics of consumer society, chauvinism, or something else. She is working in between applied arts and fine arts.

A very important part of her work is based on the ground of art education. Based on her first MA degree from 1993 from Prague Charles University, she has been working last 17 years with different clients and students, to enlarge the understanding the power of arts. The designer is working in Finland, Prague and Wien at the moment.